The awaken bunch

Dynamic and modern, this bunch doesn’t lack for boldness.Especially this flower’s association with the sour colour of the vase and fuchsia pink peonies which inspire all the energy of this composition. The vase, oversized, let both maximum hydration and visual power.

Galax’s leaves set in crown around the peonies raise this one and improve them. Dyed Rattan’s branches offer some rowdy and romantic at once.

Dare using colour !

The vase cold stuff and peonies velvety petals offer an interesting contrast. At last some softness come out of this boiling creation.

Rather conceived for a modern interior, this ensemble can find his own place in a more rustic environment where it will stand out from other furniture. watch out for the tone ! They could be hard to harmonized if your interior has already a lot of colour in it.

Did you know ?

We can be as red as a beet, as well as tomato or crayfish. After a long time being cultivated as a medicinal plant, peony was used as a blush. Carmin red water extract by infusion was put on the face. Well about tomato, it seems obvious, but for the crayfish, I’m still wondering !

Bouquet flashy

Floral & Tendances

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