A serpentine composition

« Pour qui sont ces serpents qui sifflent sur vos têtes ? » Racine

That you can translate by: (but losing pretty much all poetic interest) For whom are these snakes which are hissing on your heads?

Phobic folks,be careful! for others, this is a table centerpiece original and graceful, a tribute to spring, an explosion of colour and fragrances.

This sinuous caterpillar or undulating snake, pick your choice, is realised by threading patch of material of wool or felt. You can insert some leaves from time to time or lighter material.

You’ll choose colour according to your interior or your table ornament.

A playful assembly

Realisation of this multicoloured streamer coul take a while, so if you have children, let have a manual work day !

You only have to pick up your flowers, predilection for light and springy and similar to your caterpillar. Some roses, Eustoma, Ornithogalum, Viburnum, Ageratum set in some little glasses would make the job.

Ce chemin de table présente une rondeur dans le graphisme. Il se veut fluide, souple, ondoyant. Pour rester dans le ton, préférez des assiettes rondes ou ovales et unies pour ne pas surcharger la décoration, à moins que vous ne fêtiez Mardi gras.

Did you know ?

Felt is not a material because it is not weaved.

To make it short, it’s a textile crafted by conglomeration of fibers (goat’s hair, camel’s hair…) moisturize, rolled up, compressed, dryed. And this running from prehistoric time!

Composition serpentine par L.Buysse

Floral & Tendances

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